Saturday, November 02, 2019

Signs of life...

Hey guys! After a long resting period the blog is back...Sorry for the lack of entries but i started running a second blog on the lodge website. It's mostly updates on how the fishing and the clients are doing on a weekly basis.If you are interested here's the link to the website:
I nearly thought of getting rid of this blog all together and merging it with the one of the lodge, but after looking at the analytics i see this blog is still alive and the traffic still look healthy, so i will keep this blog going.
Not that the winter is settling slowly here, my fishing will change a little. Ireland can have some very changeable weather and conditions at the best of times , but in winter this can change for the  worse. Fly fishing windows are getting rare for many reasons, cold, wind and fish sitting in deeper waters makes fly fishing difficult and i'm not into struggling for no reasons. Big rubber lures will be more present in the coming months, but don't worry die hard fly anglers, if a good window presents itself i won't miss an opportunity to get the fly rod out.
I know it's not just fly fishermen that read this blog so i will try to keep everyone happy...
Please fill free to leave in the comments section below any subjects you guys might want to see more in the coming months.
Fear not fly anglers, i have many new tutorials coming up in the next few weeks. I'm nearly finished a busy season here at the lodge and soon i will have more free time to do fresh tutorials for you guys!

So for the winter season i am getting my personal boat ready, a new 15HP Yamaha was installed last year but i was having big problems to get my boat on the plane.Quite strange as my old engine was also a Yam 15 fitted with exactly the same propeller.
So i fitted some hydrofoils and the problem was instantly sorted! I went for the SE Sport 200 hydrofoil. They look sturdy and i like the fact that it's one piece. First try on the water and i runs like a dream, definitely a good investment.

Second massive upgrade is the new tech on board. I got rid of my Humminbird 998 HD side imaging and replaced it with a Garmin Echomap plus 92sv. The reason is simple, Garmin is so much more user friendly and when i'm fishing i don't like wasting time changing settings. The GARMIN has a touch screen and i can draw and record the bottom of your favorite lake. Humminbird can do this but it's such a backward software...And it's not  IOS compatible.

I can already spot a pike looking at a bunch of baitfish
Garmin has also an app called the Active Captain that you can install on your phone or tablet, and you can move and visualize your maps in a flash.You can also share them with friends...If you trust them...
And one important last detail, this unit is compatible with the Panoptix livescope transducer! As yet no other company has come up with something similar or even got close to the Panoptix. I think it's only a matter of time before other will follow with something similar and the prices will start to come down.  Check the video below on the Panoptix livescope.
super easy menu to navigate

The green is so easy to look at with polarized glasses.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Top 5 pike flies: The Tinsel Tosser.

Not all good flies have to be complicated....Some of my best patterns are very simple to ties. Yes it sure is fun to sit behind the vice with a good whiskey for a couple of hours and tie a big articulated fly. But when it comes to the crunch, a simple fly that is quickly tied, doesn't use 20€ of materials , that you can cast all day without the need of painkillers is a good fly in my books. Especially when it fools fish over and over.
It's also a great fly for beginners. Many newcomers to the sport are fueled by social media and Youtube, and in all fairness i was the same, as usually there's not much information available elsewhere. Big flies, wiggle tails, dragon tails are all the rage at the moment, and they are good flies, but most of my time catching flies ( around 70%) i catch pike on flies that are not bigger than 20cm. Match the hatch is not only applicable to trout fishing...
So this is why the tisel tosser deserves a place in my top five pike flies. As usual, play with flash colors to suit the conditions and with the weight at the front, some days pike will  chase something that glides, and others it's only a sharp jigging action that will induce a take.