Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Flappy Muddler

 A favorite of mine to fish low and slow ,especially when the water becomes cold and the pikes sit deeper and hunt on the bait fish shoals that started regrouping to their winter spots.

This fly sink nicely without the need to add more weight, giving it a more glide action.The compacted head take on a lot of water helping it to sink but  also it pushes a lot of water giving the fly a superb presence in the water.

A streamer with loads of bulk.

And yes, the fins really flap!


Very important when you fish deep and the pike rely on their lateral line to hunt. The Congo hair sheds water fast on the false cast making an ideal fly when you need something substantial without being difficult to cast. This is also a fun fly to fish in the warmer months with a floating line when pikes are hunting large prays. It's a very visual fly to fish on a floating line.

Limitless amount of colour combo with the congo hair.

Headlight roach colours.

New model with a blade, very happy with the first few tests.


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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Autumn is finally here!

 October, a month that resonates with all pike anglers! 

With the Covid situation the lodge is still closed at the moment. Tonight at midnight the whole country is passing to level 3 of restrictions. So we are not supposed to leave our county of residence, and the lodge cannot welcome people from outside the county...Again lucky for me i have loads of free time and plenty of water to fish!

With some early frost and sunny days, the weather was shaping up to be perfect last week for some fishing.

This is when you need to get out!

I decided to start dusting off my trolling gear and start tuning in the boat for this winter.

The lunar calendar was spot on, with a very wide major for the day i picked. Weather was for a cold start, fog and then sunny with an approaching front given for the evening. To add to all this the barometer was dropping slowly or the last 16 hours.

As you can see on the pics big lures where on the menu, 35 and 40cm was the winning combo!

Also check the sonar captures, you can clearly see the pike and the baitfish ball on each pictures. One thing to notice is also the configuration , look at the depth and the picture, they both look identical, but both are from a different spot and at a different time!

When you get so much information like this, there is no excuse not to fish at the right spots!