Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Double Buford

 It's soon that time....Leaves on the trees will start changing colours, days are getting shorter, temperatures will start dropping, and all the summer vegetation on the lakes will start dying.

And this is on of my prime location to fish early to mid autumn, close to the shore where all the lily pads are slowly decaying, or on top of the big cabbage fields.


Once that vegetation is disappearing, many anglers will ignore these areas and star fishing deeper waters. Little do they know, that layer of dead vegetation will hover mid depth, before completely dying and lying on the bottom. It's at that time when it's hanging that i like to fish buoyant flies over that  rotting blanket.


That dying matter holds a lot of food! Many invertebrates will feed here, attracting bait fish...And we know what follows bait fish...

The double Buford will need to be fished on an intermediate line or even on a sink 3. Combine that with a short leader and fish it from just below the surface or let it sink to reach that layer of dead vegetation.

Very often big pike will use that layer to hide inside, ready to ambush anything that passes by. Very much so like when you fish at sea for pollocks.


I like to put the flash (lateral scales) on the side at top of the fly, so i can see my fly moving and that way i can judge the speed of my retrieve, just to fish  the double Buford as close to the dead stuff as possible.

Same technique if you fish over dead cabbage fields. But once all that matter has completely died and its lying hard on the bottom, there will be no more place for the pike to hide...Then it's time to move and follow the fish to the deeper zones.


Saturday, July 03, 2021


What a monster! Imagine if it was on the fly... Respect for the quick snap and release!