Monday, April 24, 2017

Vlog 1

Finally i get a couple of days rest between two groups of fishermen at the lodge. Time for a bit of fresh air! Nights are cool again here, and day temperatures are just nudging around 10/12ºc. Not surprisingly the pikes are sluggish in the morning, only small jacks are active. Stepping away from the shore line and fishing very slowly, i start getting hits from better fish. I like to use a fly with plenty of flash to get  more agressive attack  and a big bulky head made from body tubing to move plenty of water for the fish to "feel" my fly from far away.
So the day started slow, but it went steady with a good string of jacks showing interest and a couple of bigger fish ( around 8lbs). I ended up with a total of 12 pikes and missed about 6.
I hope you will enjoy the show, be gentle in the critics, this is my first one, and i hope to improve as i go along.
A quick note on the life jacket i use at the moment. In Ireland it's obligatory to wear one on the water. I find most life jackets are very bulky and constrict movement a lot, especially in a float tube and while flyfishing. And i hate the self inflating type that make me feel like i am wearing a bra...
Have found a great mid layer vest that is only 3mm thick and it's an approved flotation device.I usually like to wear it under my hoodie, like on this video.
With the weather warming up, i am looking into getting a kayak vest, as the one i have is getting to warm to wear at the moment. Here's a link on the one i use now( and on the video): Zhik life vest.
I will upload a video on the new life jacket soon.Gear reviews will feature on my Youtube Channel as well as these new vlogs.Please, as usual, share, like and subscribe to my channel, so i know you guys are showing an interest so i can develop and grow this channel. Thanks for all the support and see you for number 2 in a while ...I am still very busy at the lodge and guiding until mid patient..But the vlogs are here to stay!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Poetry in motion! One of the best shorts i have ever seen!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Back to the future, the vlogs are back!

The changes to the blog and my Youtube channel are moving at a great pace. With , this year the edition of a new drone , the MAVIC PRO (a lot easier to travel and fish with than my old phantom 3 pro.) and now a new camera , the DJI OSMO+ . More details about the gear i will use at a later stage.

 The videos are going to take a turn back towards the good old vlogging.Vlogging for the ones left behind is simply a video blog... A mixture of my life here, of course all concentrated around fly fishing ,flytying, gear reviews and my travels here in Ireland and abroad. Costa Rica looks to be on the cards for this winter! Then the Innoko trip summer 2018.
A more dynamic approach, the vlogs will be around 5 minutes up to 10 minutes long maximum...So i don't bore you to death. Its a style of videos that suits me best, so i can still fish and not become a full time filmmaker. I started with this format 6 years ago already! So its long due to bring the blog backbit with a modern, interactive touch.
This was my first ever video...Sorry for the low quality, 6 years is ancient in technologic terms these days.

pike fly fishing,Ireland from Norbert Renaud on Vimeo.
Now for some of the tunes i will be using, in this mad copyright world, its not easy to find great tunes without forking serious amount of money around.But i am very pleased to announce a collaboration between myself and AK Natural for some the music used in the future vlogs. AK Natural , the name gives it away are from Alaska, they are independent fish-hop artists, yes you heard well, fish-hop. Hip-hop but no hoes, no drive by, and no bling, just fishes..If you are not familiar with them, you can find the on Soundcloud , Bandcamp and Facebook.
If you guys have any ideas of what i should include in these vlogs, just mail me or leave something in the comments below.

Thanks for following me and please don't forget to help the Youtube channel to grow by subscribing: CLICK HERE

And a little look at what the Osmo+ can achieve, i think it one of the most practical cam out there for bloggers on the go..One negative, its not waterproof...But i still have my Gopro Black for wet days.

And some AK NATURAL, thanks, you guys are awesome!