Monday, May 08, 2017

Wubba Dubba Dubbing

This is a new dubbing, easy to work with, light and very fine but very resistant to pikes teeth.It's not wool, and its not craft fur.It's 100% synthetic.
You can create small baitfish patterns very quickly and with a serious amount of volume! Alternatively you can use it to finish heads on big streamers.

An other advantage of this dubbing is that you can customise your own patterns by using permanent markers.The ink stays very well, and it does not absorb like a sponge, creating a "bleeding" effect. You can achieve very clean stripes on your baitfish. The length of the fibres are about 10 to 12 cm long. I am working on creating my web store at the moment ( long due) where you will be able to get this dubbing, along other things in the future, flies, t-shirts, decals and many other items.
Store should be up and running this summer, i will let you guys know when its open.
For the moment, here's a quick tying tutorial using the Wubba Dubba dubbing using the "X" method. You can of course tie with this technique using  many different types of  fibres.

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