Thursday, February 01, 2018


Having a good pair of sunglasses is essential when fishing, looking cool is optional but nowadays with so many brands on the market it well possible.The only problem is that a good pair of polarized can be very expensive.
But no more! The Cassette company is a brand coming from Idaho that started in 2011 and is growing every day. First made for snowboarders and skaters, Cassette is expending, offering now great shades for the angler. (check their Stockholm range for quality polarised). What attracted me about this brand is the quality and the value they offer.They use the same factories that more expensive brands use, so they can deliver great quality, but they're not to greedy and offer the customer great value as well!
Recycled skateboard, Canadian maple.

I particularly like their wooden frames : bamboo, kossowood , zebra wood and their recycled skateboard decks in canadian maple.To add to all this they use  environment friendly acetate.
So i am pleased and happy to announced that Cassette have now included myself in their brand ambassador program.
Dark bamboo 

And to celebrate this, you guys can get any of their product with a discount! Use my own discount code when ordering to get a whopping 20% of your next order!
Here's the code:   NORBERTFWA don't forget to share it with friends.
Stockholm range

So if you are like me and suffer from loosing and breaking sunglasses on a regular basis, or if you need a good value spare pair look no further (unless you are loaded with money, so you can buy a pair of Costas twice a year...) The prices range from 45$ up to 150$ , they change their stock on regular basis, offering new model and a fantastic choice of frames, lens and colours. Even if you already own a pair of sunglasses, these can be great to have as a spare , but don't let the price fool you, they are very good quality and they will be very happy as your main fishing glasses too.


  1. Looks good. Thanks for the code. Will try to lost my costa quickly !