Saturday, October 06, 2018

A little update...

Since my return from Alaska, i have kept the blog on the quiet side.... The pike season is back on here, i have been doing some river guiding in August and September, and now we are well into October and the lodge is running at full steam.Its a strange and difficult season, mostly due to the very dry summer we had.The water levels are still very low, we need them to rise to their winter levels soon for the fishing to improve drastically.
But i am very proud to share some good news, after my return from the Innoko, i was contacted by Carl McNeil,  CEO of Swift Flyfishing all the way from New Zealand. Swift fly fishing make my absolute favorite rods.I have been fishing glass rods for the last five years, and i simply cannot go back to graphite/ carbon rods. So it was a huge surprise to me when Carl sent me a message wanting to welcome me to their brand ambassador program. Of course without any hesitation i gladly accepted. So yes you guessed it, you are going to see a lot more fiberglass on this blog!
To start off, i just received an 8 weight kit and i am starting to put it together at the moment. I am filming the whole process for those who want to plunge in the deep end and make the move to glass rods and rod building.
First a little unboxing video:

 And how to fit the reel seat and handle:

The Bandit rod still slaying fish!

The T-bone...T-boned...

I love October!

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