Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rod building Part 4 , wrapping and finishing.

The final part in this series, i tried to keep it as simple as possible. If any doubt with your built,always check the manual that comes with the kit, its very detailed and should clear any questions.Alternatively you can always send a mail to the Epic crew, i'm sure they will assist you in any way they can.
My tips for building your rod...Read the manual, take your time, if it doesn't look good  you can always do the wraps again. Make sure everything is correct before you start the epoxy! Once you apply the epoxy on the wraps, its too late to go back...Well you can , but it's adding extra headaches that you don't really need at this point.
Your build is your build, even with little imperfections (mostly them damned bubbles in the epoxy) it will not change the performance of the rod.So don't be afraid and take the jump! Build your own rod!
I was once told there is three important moments in your fly fishing career, the first fish you catch on a fly rod, the first fish you catch with  a fly that you tied, and the first fish you catch with a rod that you built...

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